Our Director of "The Wedding Singer" Jo Hachani is making her directorial debut with the show. Here's what she has to say about it:

"I've always been a huge fan of the film version of "The Wedding Singer" so that piqued my interest in the show straight away. But I first got really excited about directing when I heard the music - there so many different 80s styles covered throughout. Plus, all of the humour from the original movie has translated beautifully to the stage - with extra gags dropped in! I can't wait to see my ideas brought to life by our amazingly talented cast.

"It's so hard to choose my favourite part but what I do love is the sheer number of ensemble and cameo roles in the show. Whether you're playing a lead or you're member of the chorus, there really is opportunity for everyone.

Finding era-appropriate costumes for everybody to wear is going to be challenging ; I'm so picky about it! The show is set in 1985 and I want the cast to wear clothes that people would have actually had then, no matter how unflattering it might seem to our millennial eyes!

"It's going to be an incredibly funny and entertaining night, with a genuinely touching love story at its core. If you like music, dancing, or to have a great laugh, then I encourage you to come along." www.tmtg.org.uk/tickets