The first vocal test, Everythings Alright was passed in fine style, boding well for the bigger test to come with I Dont Know How to Love Him. This again was sung with the confidence of someone who was not afraid of the musical challenge or the responsibility that went with the Hit number. The reaction to the crowd baying with great enthusiasm for Jesus to be crucified was particularly good. Taken overall however the build up to the inevitability of your painful death was portrayed with sincerity and complete belief, leading to a fitting end to this thoughtful portrayal.

As far as the quality of the backstage teams was concerned there can be no doubt that they were more than merely just capable of making full use of the facilities at their disposal. No question either of the director not having the imagination, and theatrical know how to create the visual impact this show at times must have. I have mentioned, almost always flatteringly, the contribution of these musicians and their leader, on several occasions during this adjudication. They are included now in order to further bring attention to their strong input into the production via the quality of their work, and the fine balance they achieved with singers from their backstage position.

Rose Bowl