Fabulously professional

Well done to all involved! What a fabulously professional production! Some amazing singing voices, actors and actresses, excellent scenery and the orchestra did the show proud too. Excellent all round. Would highly recommend this show to all.



Well what can I say ...without doubt one of the best performances from an amateur group that I have seen ...across the board the performances were stellar ...fantastic singing -acting and really authentic performances that wouldn’t look out of place on a West End stage ...particularly Red Riding Hood and the witch who were just brilliant...well done EVERYONE


Sprinkling of fairydust

'Into The Woods' by TMTG was Amazing! A beautiful cocktail of all those much loved classic fairytails. A tantalising mix of fabulous local people singing their hearts out, great humour, never ending smiles & a definite sprinkling of fairydust. Congratulations TMTG on a FANTASTIC performance!


Great show

I went to see into the woods last night.
A sold out show.
What great show well done to all,
it was clear that everyone
enjoyed performing in it.
A lot of talent on show.

It was very clever, how all the stories were
linked together into one.
I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.
A long performance nearly 2 and 1/2 hours,
people certainly got their monies worth,
it must have taken a lot of very hard work
in rehearsals getting all that right, and I didn’t
see any errors there (if there were any).
Scenery was really good.
Sound effects were really good too.
Lots of humour thrown in don’t miss that.
The mics were well disguised we were near the
back and heard every word.
Well done you should all be very proud of
Very good show well done to everyone.